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November 2016 - "Intel® Code Modernization Workshop". The Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes attends the Intel® Code Modernization Workshop in Madrid on November 15th .

November 2016 - "VQEG (Video Quality Expert Group)". The Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes attends the VQEG meeting hosted by Sky in London.

October 2016 - "ACIVS 2016". Tomás Mantecón  was invited to ACIVS 2016 to present his paper: "Hand Gesture Recognition using Infrared Imagery Provided by Leap Motion Controller".

October 2016 - "GTI in the 116th MPEG meeting in Chengdu". The Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes participes in the 116th MPEG meeting in Chengdu (China).

October 2016 - "2016 International Graduate Student Fair". GTI is present at the 2016 International Graduate Student Fair in China.

September 2016 - "IEEE 2016 ICCE-Berlin"GTI attended the 6 th IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics – Berlin (“ICCE-Berlin”).

September 2016 - "Computer Vision and Image Understanding". Labeled dataset for integral evaluation of moving object detection algorithms: LASIESTA.

September 2016 - "URSI 2016 ". In URSI 2016, in addition to the usual thematic areas, it has sought to strengthen other areas of the field of telecommunications: Biometric Recognition, Image and Video Processing, and Audio and Speech Processing".

September 2016 - "Paper accepted in IPTA2016 ". Paper accepted in International Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications: "Fast feature matching for detailed point cloud generation".

September 2016 - "Paper accepted in ACIVS 2016 ". Paper accepted in International Conference on Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems 2016: "Hand Gesture Recognition using Infrared Imagery Provided by Leap Motion Controller".

July 2016 - "The Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes in 360º ". The GTI has been testing the Samsung Gear 360º camera.

July 2016 - "Pozalagua cave in S3D ". "Agueda Simó used the SGO’s Mistika 2K system available in the Living Lab for the editing, compositing, colour grading and finishing of Stereo 3D content shot by her from the Pozalagua Cave.

July 2016 - "End of Master Project Virginia Martín ". "Design, optimization and evaluation of an adaptation algorithm based on Q-Learning for HTTP Adaptive Streaming" This work proposes a control algorithm for an adaptive-streaming client based on Q-learning techniques.

July 2016 - "End of Degree Projects in GTI ". "Development of virtual reality 3D graphics visualization tools", "Development of a virtual mirror for patients with facial paralysis", "Study and implementation of strategies for geo-registration of aerial images " and "Study and implementation of strategies for automatic discrimination of abandoned and subtracted objects in video surveillance environments".

July 2016 - "Brainstorm in the Dem3DTV". "Brainstorm visited the Dem-3DTV of the Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes.

July 2016 - "End of Degree Project Fernando Lago". "System implementation for automatic association of images of a soccer match with a synthetic model of the soccer field " Today, the content broadcast on sporting events, such as soccer, have achieved great relevance.

June 2016 - "Lecture by Shrikanth Narayanan". Behavioral Signal Processing: Enabling human-centered behavioral informatics" by Shrikanth Narayanan.

June 2016 - "Telefónica I+D in the Dem3DTV". David del Val Latorre, Chairman and CEO of Telefónica I+D visited the Dem-3DTV of the Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes.

May 2016 - "Video Quality Workshop". GTI participed in the Video Quality Workshop at the Professional Audiovisual Technology Show, BIT Broadcast 2016, organized by Nokia within the MoViSe project.  

May 2016 - "Bit! Broadcast 2016". GTI attended the Professional Audiovisual Technology Show, BIT Broadcast 2016 where almost one hundred top professionals will discuss key questions for the industry.  

May 2016 - "Eurographics Conference: Seamless, static, multi-texturing of 3D meshes". In the context of 3D reconstruction, we present a static multi-texturing system yielding a seamless texture atlas calculated by combining the colour information from several photos from the same subject covering most of its surface.  

April 2016 - "Ph.d thesis Daniel Berjón: Parallel Computer Vision Algorithms for Graphics Processing Units". The evolution of smartphones, all equipped with digital cameras, is driving a growing demand for ever more complex applications that need to rely on real-time computer vision algorithms. 

April 2016 - "Ph.d thesis Rafael Pagés: Multi-textured 3D humanoid reconstruction through passive and active automatic techniques". The proliferation of video games and other applications of computer graphics in everyday life demands a much easier way to create animatable virtual human characters

January 2016 - "Ph.d thesis Jesús Gutiérrez: Analysis of quality of experience in 3D video systems". This thesis presents a comprehensive study of the evaluation of the Quality of Experience (QoE) perceived by the users of 3D video systems, analyzing the impact of effects introduced by all the elements of the 3D video processing chain. 

January 2016 - "IEEE ICCE 2016". GTI visited CES 2016 and attended the IEEE ICCE 2016.

December 2015 - "The GTI attended at the 20th Edition of the #3Dday".  4K and HDR are still hot topics in the industry. SGO and Canon invited two exceptional guests to share their thoughts, insight and experience working with 4K and HDR, at the Academia de Cine in Madrid on the 3rd of December, 2015. 

December 2015 - "3rd Workshop UPM innovatech "Innovation by Connection"". Fernando Jaureguizar, an Associate Professor of GTI, participated in the round table on "Example of Innovation by connection: Successful Case in the UAVs Sector”. 

November 2015 - "LASIESTA (Labeled and Annotated Sequences for Integral Evaluation of SegmenTation Algorithms)". LASIESTA is composed by many real indoor and outdoor sequences organized in diferent categories, each of one covering a specific challenge in moving object detection strategies. 

November 2015 - "Subjective QoE analysis of HTTP adaptive streaming applications". This thesis investigates the influence of dynamic quality adaptation on the QoE of streaming video by means of subjective evaluation approaches.

June 2015 - "The International Symposium on Consumer Electronics". From 24–26 June 2015, the Technical University of Madrid [Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)] hosted the International Symposium on Consumer Electronics (ISCE).

February 2015 - "Seminar about programming". Seminar about programming based on data flow in South Campus  SA review of the data flow computing models used in the description of complex algorithms to be implemented with multicore architectures will be performed. Some open source modelling tools will be also introduced.