CES 2016



News and Events 

GTI visited CES 2016 and attended the IEEE ICCE 2016 

Julián Cabrera and Virginia Martín from the Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes at the UPM, visited CES 2016 in Las Vegas and could experience first-hand the new technologies and products for the audiovisual consumer electronics sector. New innovations on TV displays were specially appealing and interesting, finding 4K and HDR displays and HDR as a consolidated technology, whereas 8k displays could be seen in the booths of the most powerful brands.



Smart glasses and systems for virtual and augmented reality played also a big role at CES. The main companies for these systems presented their latest products, but there were also lighter prototypes more similar to regular glasses, providing a very good quality display.


As we expected, many drone companies were at this event. Among the presented gadgets stood out: one drone thought for all the family, being easy to operate and the safest since it has its hidden propellers in its casing and another megadrone which is to able to transport a person at 100 kilometers per hour during a maximum journey time of 23 minutes flight.


Finally, related to the gaming sector, new advanced interfaces were presented such as a body interface for shooting games or quite elaborated and realistic driving interfaces.


On the other hand, during the participation at the IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics, the following papers related to video transmission and DASH were presented:

- Evaluation of Q-learning Approach for HTTP Adaptive Streaming , presented by Virginia Martín,

- Optimization of Unequal Error Protection AL-FEC Scheme Via Adapted Simulated Annealing, presented by Julián Cabrera.