Innovative technologies in exploration and mineral detection



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Innolog Project - 2nd practical workshop "Innovative technologies in exploration and mineral detection"

The second edition of the practical workshop on “Innovative technologies in exploration and mineral detection” will be held in Barcelona next 12th and 13th of December. As part of INNOLOG professional training and outreach activities, this workshop will provide attendants with an overview on the latest advances and state of the art of innovative downhole imaging and analytical techniques of interest for mineral exploration/exploitation. In this second edition the workshop will focus on the practical use of hyperspectral imaging techniques and also on most recent and new innovations (More info). 

The role of the Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes (GTI) in Innolog is mainly to develop and implement the machine-learning-based software for automatic mineral recognition. With the standpoint of the project of applying diverse innovation activities, the requisites of the software include real-time analysis, scalability with the input data (especially hyperspectral images), high mineral recognition performance and integration into new downhole geophysical logging tools. Therefore, comprehensive characterisation, including identification, quantification and evaluation of mineral deposits and raw materials in the subsurface, could be executed in-situ, during drilling processes. Thus, explorations become more efficient and sustainable, reducing considerable costs and boosting competitiveness of mining companies.