AI and the Charity Festival "Por Girasoles”



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Design Competition Using Artificial Intelligence of the Poster for the Charity Festival "Por Girasoles”

On 22 April 2023, the "Por Girasoles" charity festival organised by the sarcoma patients' association (APSATUR) will take place at the Elías Ahúja Theatre in Madrid. The event will consist of a festival set in the Feria de Abril and will include the participation of the flamenco school Arabesquees. The event will be a tribute to Izarbe Gil and aims to give continuity to his initiative "Girasoles para Izarbe" (Sunflowers for Izarbe).

The aim of this competition was to create the poster that will be used to advertise the festival. The poster had to reflect the theme of the event, specifically sunflowers and flamenco, and Artificial Intelligence tools (DALL-E2 and similar) had to be used to create it.

After the jury's evaluation and deliberation, the second prize went to Marta Orduna, a PhD student in the Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes.

Here you can see her poster: