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VQEG (Video Quality Experts Group) - VINEDO

At the 2019 spring VQEG meeting in Berlin (Germany), hosted by Telekom, Narciso García presented the workplan for the analysis of the performance of objective quality metrics for immersive 360VR content. This activity extends the previously conducted analysis of the application of the well-known Video Multimethod Assessment Fusion (VMAF) metric on 360VR contents. The results proved that VMAF works sufficiently correctly with omnidirectional contents, without performing any particular adjustments.

The new challenge is to find an objective quality metric that provides high correlation with the Quality of Experience (QoE) for immersive 360VR content. Therefore, video quality, audio quality, and interaction are analyzed as essential aspects of any immersion experience. So, in addition to previous results, we are assessing the presence, the intuitive interaction, and the event-related sickness, as well as the influence of different devices.

The test material considers a wide range of contents selected with different features in terms of color, texture, camera motion, composition, and content in the scenes. The original resolution and framerate are kept throughout the process and, as video clips do not contain any scene change, there are no temporal pooling challenges.

The presence questionnaire asks for the quickness in adjusting to the virtual environment experience, the closeness to the scene objects, the awareness of events occurring in the real world, and the degree of confusion or disorientation at the beginning of breaks or at the end of the experimental session.

This activity of GTI is supported by the Spanish Projects IVME (Immersive Visual Media Environments) and VINEDO (Vídeo inmersivo para eventos distribuidos OnDemand).

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