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Digital Summit (DigitalES)

Marta Orduna Cortillas, researcher at GTI has participated at the Digital Summit (from July 6 to July 8) organized by DigitalES, Spanish Association for Digitalization. She is a member of the COIT board of directors and coordinator of the COIT youth working group.

In this edition DigitalES has wanted to make visible and give voice to the talent of the future, the talent of the next generations. The opening remarks “From the lab to the market” by the speakers Marta Orduna and Eduardo Fichmann from Cellnex Telecom is now available in the link below. 

They highlighted the importance of infrastructure and the digitization of Spain necessary for the technologies of the future, such as immersive communications, one of the research interests of Marta Orduna. She highlighted the need for collaboration between academia and business to advance knowledge, develop technology and deliver solutions that ultimately transform society. To which Eduardo presented some of the research projects that Cellnex is currently developing together with other research centers in Spain and highlighted the importance of listening to the voice of the youngest talents.

As a final message, our colleague Marta launched that despite the uncertainties that young people usually find, there are people with many concerns, desire to contribute, and a great social commitment.