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GTI Data   


Open databases created and software developed by the GTI and supplemental material to papers.  



LaSoDa (2021): 60 annotated images from matches in five stadiums with different characteristics and light conditions.

EVENT-CLASS (2021): High-quality 360-degree videos in the context of tele-education.

Parking Lot Occupancy Database (2020)

Nighttime Vehicle Detection database (NVD) (2019)

Hand gesture dataset (2019): Multi-modal Leap Motion dataset for Hand Gesture Recognition.

PIROPO Database (2016): People in Indoor ROoms with Perspective and Omnidirectional cameras.

ViCoCoS-3D (2016): VideoConference Common Scenes in 3D.

LASIESTA database (2016): More than 20 sequences to test moving object detection and tracking algorithms.

Hand gesture database (2015): Hand-gesture database composed by high-resolution color images acquired with the Senz3D sensor.

HRRFaceD database (2014):Face database composed by high resolution images acquired with Microsoft Kinect 2 (second generation).

Lab database (2012): Set of 6 sequences to test moving object detection strategies.

Vehicle image database (2012)More than 7000 images of vehicles and roads.          



SETForSeQ (2020): Subjective Evaluation Tool for Foreground Segmentation Quality.

SMV Player for Oculus Rift (2016)

Bag-D3P (2016): 
Face recognition using depth information. 

TSLAB (2015): 
Tool for Semiautomatic LABeling.   


Supplementary material  

Grass band detection in soccer images for improved image registration (2021)

Evaluating the Influence of the HMD, Usability, and Fatigue in 360VR Video Quality Assessments (2020)

Automatic soccer field of play registration (2020)   

Augmented reality tool for the situational awareness improvement of UAV operators (2017)

Detection of static moving objects using multiple nonparametric background-foreground models on a Finite State Machine (2015)

Real-time nonparametric background subtraction with tracking-based foreground update (2015)  

Camera localization using trajectories and maps (2014)