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Congestion Control for Cloud Gaming over UDP based on Round-Trip Video Latency

At the 2019 spring VQEG meeting in Berlin (Germany), hosted by Telekom, Narciso García presented the workplan for the analysis of the performance of objective quality metrics for immersive 360VR content.

On February 12th at 12:00, Room B-221 (ETSIT).

Direct digital frequency synthesis, atmospheric optical communication system, atmospheric turbulence modeling and serial communications

On February 26th at 12:00, Room B-222 (ETSIT).

Depth map estimation from multiple views is a still open problem present in several application domains such as Free Viewpoint Video, Augmented Reality or autonomous navigation vehicles.

Narciso García from the Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes at the UPM, visited CES 2019 in Las Vegas