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GTI was awarded the Lumiere Award for the Best Scientific Paper at the International Conference on 3D Immersion/Stereopsia in Brussels on December 2018.

"Augmented reality over video stream acquired from UAVs for operations support". Augmented reality (AR) has become, due to recent technology developments, a fast-growing discipline.

Within the activity in IMG, Narciso García presented the results of an innovative FTV quality assessment that considered two research questions: How the subjective quality of synthesized view trajectories is evaluated? and How the quality of immersiveness / interaction is evaluated?.

Narciso García presented the preliminary results of the novel application of the well-known Video Multimethod Assessment Fusion (VMAF) metric on 360VR contents, outcome of a project with Nokia Bell Labs.

"Advanced face and gesture recognition for visual HMI". Many solutions have been proposed to allow a more natural and intuitive human-machine interaction thanks to the advent of new devices that improve the quality of interaction of keyboards and mouses.