View synthesis for 3DV and FVV Generation of Synthetic Views




Video coding (2D, 3D and multi-view)

View synthesis for 3DV and FVV

Generation of synthetized views in virtual camera positions to allow arbitrary viewpoint selection from: multiview texture and geometry data (e.g. depth maps, mesh, point clouds).

- View synthesis in virtual camera positions.

- Arbitrary viewpoint selection.

- Inputs:

- Multiview texture

- Geometry data (depth maps, mesh, point cloud).

- Depth Image Based Rendering.

- Hybrid 3D models.







Generation of Synthetic Views

Design and development of algorithms to solve dis-occlusion and visual artifact problems in 3D auto-stereoscopic systems.

Free Viewpoint Video in a multiview system video.


Problems to solve : Large disoclussion areas in virtual views between real cameras.