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Besides, GTI members were instrumental in the elaboration of the international standards UIT-T J.81, ISO MPEG-4 and ISO MPEG-7 and had an important participation in ISO MPEG-2. It must be pointed that within the MOMUSYS project, there was an active participation in the MPEG4 standard specification, which has continued until this day.

Currently, the GTI member who is attending the MEPG meetings is the Spanish Head of Delegation (National HoD) and the activity covers synthetic and natural hybrid coding (SNHC) with the representation of dynamic three dimensional meshes and the integration and extension of VRML.

Within the HYPERMEDIA project and after its conclusion there was a very active participation in the MPEG-7 standard specification, mainly in the Multimedia Description Schemes (MDS) part, that includes the spatio-temporal structure of multimedia content for its further indexing at different levels of detail.

Within the DYMAS project, the MPEG-7 was followed, as well as the latest MPEG standard, MPEG-21.