Quality of experience (QoE) in multimedia services









The teaching areas are split in:

- regulated teaching, with Undergraduate courses (Bachelor of Engineering) including Bachelor Thesis, Graduate courses (Master of Science) including Master Thesis , PhD courses and Specialized Master courses.

- nonregulated teaching.

The teaching areas of degree and postgraduate courses covered by The Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes are the following:

- Digital Image Processing.

- Digital Television.

- Image Encoding.

- Multimedia System.

- Computer Vision.

- Graphics.

- Telecommunications Systems.

- Digital transmision.


Quality of experience (QoE) in multimedia services 

Quality of Experience in IPTV, 3DTV and Adaptive Streaming systems

QoE evaluation via both objective and subjective metrics for recommendations on the standardization of MPEG coding systems.


Evaluation of user‐QoE for multimedia systems and applications:

- 3D Video,

- adaptive streaming,

- coding and transmission degradations, … 

Objective evaluation and subjective assessment tests. Participation in: 

- Qualinet,  

- MPEG validation tests of 3DVC and

- VQEG 3DTV Project