Optimization Fundamentals









The teaching areas are split in:

- regulated teaching, with Undergraduate courses (Bachelor of Engineering) including Bachelor Thesis, Graduate courses (Master of Science) including Master Thesis , PhD courses and Specialized Master courses.

- nonregulated teaching.

The teaching areas of degree and postgraduate courses covered by The Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes are the following:

- Digital Image Processing.

- Digital Television.

- Image Encoding.

- Multimedia System.

- Computer Vision.

- Graphics.

- Telecommunications Systems.

- Digital transmision.


Optimization Fundamentals

This course covers the fundamentals of the optimization of functions of continuous variables, considering both analytical and algoritmic aspects. Emphasis is made on techniques based on Lagrange and Karush-Kuhn-Tucker multipliers for constrained optimization. All the topics are motivated with concrete problems derived from practical applications.



Ronda Prieto, José Ignacio


C-323  joseignacio.rondaupm.es

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