The teaching areas are split in:

- regulated teaching, with Undergraduate courses (Bachelor of Engineering) including Bachelor Thesis, Graduate courses (Master of Science) including Master Thesis , PhD courses and Specialized Master courses.

- nonregulated teaching.

The teaching areas of degree and postgraduate courses covered by The Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes are the following:

- Digital Image Processing.

- Digital Television.

- Image Encoding.

- Multimedia System.

- Computer Vision.

- Graphics.

- Telecommunications Systems.

- Digital transmision.


Tratamiento digital de vídeo

The goal of this subject is to provide the student with the knowledge required for the description, analysis, and manipulation of video signals. Students are expected to gain an overview of the theory required for video signal processing, covering the fields of motion estimation and analysis, filtering, spatial and temporal segmentation, and detection and tracking of visual objects. The laboratory sessions will allow the better assimilation of the theoretical concepts. Additionally, to bring theoretical knowledge into practice, many specific applications will also be presented as examples of using the studied techniques. Therefore, an applied and participatory methodology is used.



Salgado Alvarez de Sotomayor, Luis

C-325  luis.salgadoupm.es

Cuevas Rodríguez, Carlos


C-306 carlos.cuevasupm.es

del Blanco Adán, Carlos Roberto  

C-306 carlosrob.delblancoupm.es

García Santos, Narciso

C-324 narciso.garciaupm.es

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