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On October 11, 2023, the INCLUVERSO 5G kick-off meeting was held at the Fundación Juan XXIII facilities. The meeting was attended by members of the Nokia team, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Fundación Juan XXIII.



Rocío Pérez, María Esther Molpeceres, Álvaro Villegas, Narciso García and Pablo Pérez are responsible for the INCLUVERSO 5G project.


The INCLUVERSO 5G project aims at research in XR and advanced 5G telecommunications technologies that allow the creation of immersive communication experiences applied to therapy, telepresence and tele-training use cases, so that they are applicable to people in psychosocial vulnerability, as a fundamental step towards the development of a fully inclusive Metaverse or Incluverse.

The development of the project involves addressing two technological areas: firstly, designing the network and edge technology required to deploy XR services; secondly, designing and developing an extended reality system that, supported by this 5G platform, will allow providing XR services to a diverse population and, in particular, to people in psychosocially vulnerable situations.

In the area of network technology, the project will focus on advanced 5G services in the 2300-2400 MHz band for broadband mobile communications networks on a self-provisioning basis. A 5G mobile network will be deployed, in N40 band, over which immersive applications will be provided. This network will also include an edge computing platform and a service-oriented architecture that optimizes the use of network capabilities by extended reality services.

The project will also investigate the relationship between QoE and QoS offered by the network, and will investigate possible techniques to control QoS/QoE based on network slicing, prioritization, network scheduling, etc. For those network functionalities that are not available in existing 5G deployments, the Nokia FikoRE emulator will be used to emulate different network configurations. 




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