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Global Mobility Call

On Thursday, October 26, Daniel Fuertes and Leyre Encío attended the Global Mobility Call, that took place at IFEMA Madrid.

GMC23 2



The Global Mobility Call stands as a beacon of innovation and collaboration in the realm of sustainable mobility. This international event serves as a unique platform, bringing together diverse industries and stakeholders in the pursuit of sustainable mobility solutions for people and goods.

  GMC23 2 

The primary goal of the Global Mobility Call is to foster enriching experiences, facilitate networking opportunities, and stimulate business interactions among companies, city councils, institutions, administrations, and various organizations. By participating in this event, attendees gain invaluable insights into the latest pioneering solutions and projects in the realm of sustainable mobility. The event hosts some of the leading companies in their respective sectors, providing a comprehensive showcase of cutting-edge innovations.

At the Global Mobility Call, they had the chance to engage with world leaders, prominent business figures, CEOs, founders, and influential individuals representing various sectors. The event transcended conventional boundaries, becoming the epicenter of business, networking, and public-private collaboration, and it acted as a space for knowledge exchange, robust debates, and continuous learning.