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QoMEX 2020

The paper “Influence of video delay on quality, presence, andsickness in viewport adaptive immersive streaming” was accepted at QoMEX 2020 and has been presented by Carlos Cortés in a virtual reality room. 



Current extended reality applications use omnidirectional video to boost users’ immersion and sense of presence. As contents from distant video sources cannot be instantaneously delivered, the end-to-end delay becomes a key problem when user actions cannot be simultaneously matched by system reactions. Thus, we have designed and executed an experiment to assess its influence on the quality of experience, the sense of presence, and the sickness caused. To do it, we have developed a viewport adaptive simulator to render simultaneously two layers of immersive video to allow different adaptation schemes and delay values. Twenty observers have assessed 180 test videos from 9 sources. Our analysis shows a clear influence of the delay condition and the adaptation scheme on the perceived quality. Moreover, it also shows that the adaptation schemes and delay conditions have a small influence on the sense of presence and little effect on observers sickness.