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Huawei Software Technologies 

We are looking for 5 engineers (Master or Bachelor) to work in a project of Free-Viewpoint Video with the company Huawei Software Technologies (China). We offer participation in a university-company collaborative project for the development of last generation audiovisual technologies. Moreover, there is the possibility in collaborating in new projects of the H2020 Program of the European Union, and the Spanish R&D National Plan, in an environment of collaboration with Spanish and international companies.

-Topic: Development of a complete Free-Viewpoint Video system for real-time immersive applications. 

We look for adequate profiles for the tasks: i) multicamera acquisition, ii) virtual view synthesis, iii) algorithm optimization, iv) integration and tests. We will value knowledge in one or several of the following competences: programming in C/C++, GPUs (CUDA, OpenCL, …), OpenCV, Android, image and video processing, and video coding/transmission.

-We offer:

Up to 25.000 €/year, depending on qualification.

If you are interested in research or additional formation in advanced audiovisual technologies, contact us:

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